it's personal

if it's anything

My clients resoundingly share that being photographed by me feels natural - they feel comfortable and safe being themselves - and, that shows in their photographs in a way they haven't experienced before - in a deeply personal way - so much so that they keep returning year after year.

It's more than just photography, it's celebrating and savoring what is real and meaningful to you. 

My approach is
simple, powerful, and transformational,
to simply hold the space for you to see and be seen -- as you are
in a way that rings true to you and that grows in significance with each passing year.


I believe in an underlying connection where what we want, more than anything else, isn't to just *remember* the moments of our past. What we want is to love and be loved as we are, to fully embody and feel into each moment. Even ironically so, in this guarded and filtered world. 

If you believe this too ... well, my friend, you have landed in the right spot!